What Is Humane Society?

Similarly, What is the meaning humane society?

Humane society is defined as a society that is kind to others. A lifesaving society is a term used mostly in the United Kingdom. The Humane Organization is a child-caring agency— A. E. Fink specifically: a society for the prevention of animal cruelty. 2: a society concerned with the promotion of humane behavior or values or having charitable or philanthropic goals

Also, it is asked, What is the humane society goal?

To eliminate animal cruelty, exploitation, and neglect, as well as to safeguard natural ecosystems and the whole community of life, we want to create a permanent and complete transformation in human awareness of and conduct toward all animals.

Secondly, Why the Humane Society is important?

The Humane Society promotes ethical pet ownership and the elimination of cruelty in trapping and hunting via a variety of initiatives. It pushes for legislation that protects animals. It keeps track of how well current animal protection regulations are being followed.


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“The Humane Society is an animal protection organization that was founded in 1866. It is the world’s first and largest animal protection and advocacy organization.” Reference: humane society synonym.

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