What Is Beattys Main Argument About Society Communication And Censorship?

Beatty’s key thesis is that censorship was caused by technological improvements and society before the government imposed restrictions on publications.


The “What are the three reasons beatty gives for the government turning to censorship?” is a question that was posed in Beatty’s article. The article discusses three reasons why society has turned to censorship. They are:
1) That it is easier than ever before for people to communicate with one another,
2) That there is an increasing amount of information being produced, and
3) That there is a growing distrust in institutions such as governments and media outlets.

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“On whom or what does Beatty put the responsibility for the beginnings of book burnings?” is one of the questions that Beatty asks in his article. He then goes on to answer this question by saying that it is “the responsibility of society as a whole.” Reference: on whom or what does beatty put the responsibility for the beginnings of book burnings?.

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