What Happened In The Society?

Similarly, What is the story behind The Society?

After the rest of the population of their town (West Ham, Connecticut) vanishes, a group of teens must learn to administer their own society in The Society. When students from the local high school return early from a canceled field trip, they discover that everyone else has gone.

Also, it is asked, What happened at the end of The Society?

The Lord of the Flies-inspired series then had the kids trying to rule themselves in what they’d assumed was a parallel reality, “New Ham,” and ending with the discovery that they were the ones missing, with their parents still in West Ham.

Secondly, What was the smell in The Society?

The scent of dead corpses pervades West Ham. The cause of West Ham’s foul odor is never revealed. Some speculate that the odor is that of dead corpses. This might be related to the parents’ wicked and secretive nature.

Also, Is there a season 2 of The Society?

Netflix notified The Hollywood Reporter that The Society season 2 will not be created owing to complications caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

People also ask, Is Elle a psychopath The Society?

Olivia DeJonge is the actress that plays her. She is one of New Ham’s misfits who finally finds solace in Campbell Eliot, who thinks they are one and the same. Campbell, on the other hand, is a sociopath who charms her for long enough before revealing his real colors.

Related Questions and Answers

Who is Becca’s baby’s father in The Society?

When Sam informs Gwen that he is the father of Becca’s child, she reacts with a puzzled but unconcerned, “Huh. OK.” She whispers to Madison, doubtfully, when she turns away “What? You already know he’s homosexual.” Madison examines her. “Sexuality is fluid, Gwen,” someone adds, and then no one says anything else.

Did The Society get Cancelled?

But there will be more tears to come, since Netflix has decided to cancel The Society season two. “We’ve taken the tough choice not to go ahead with second seasons of The Society and I Am Not Okay With This,” Netflix said in a statement.

Does Campbell abuse Elle?

Elle even shares a home with Campbell. It’s not known when Campbell started assaulting Elle, but it’s safe to assume it was because of Elle’s need to tread carefully when it comes to Campbell.

Who killed Cassandra Pressman in The Society?

Dewey, Greg

Is HBO picking up The Society?


Does The Society end on a cliffhanger?

‘The Society’ ended on a cliffhanger. As you are probably aware, the program ended on a cliffhanger. We still don’t have a good picture of what occurred and why it occurred. Even the showrunner commented on the show’s conclusion.

Who is Clark dating in The Society?

Fandom | Gwen Patterson | The Society Netflix Wiki |

Who is the villain in The Society?

Eliot Campbell

What happens with Elle’s pie in The Society?

Kelly then goes to visit Harry to see if she can coax him out of bed. Elle and Campbell are an unusually long-lasting pair. He knows she poisoned the pie in an effort to poison just him and kill him.

Did Campbell help Dewey?

Also, according to Dewey: “Campbell assisted me in making the plans. He was present.” Allie detains Campbell, but since there is no solid proof against him, she releases him. However, she chooses to execute Dewey. He pleads for his life and wets himself, but she shoots him along with Luke and Jason.

Who eats the pie in The Society?


Who killed Charlie the dog in The Society?

The dog appears to Elle and Campbell’s residence a few episodes later and is quickly slaughtered by Campbell. Charlie was last seen in the last episode, when the program returned to West Ham and Cassandra and Allie’s mother petted him on the pavement.

Did Dewey do?

Regardless, the jury finds Dewey guilty, and he confesses to Cassandra’s murder in rage. Dewey explains that he did it for the town’s welfare, that Cassandra was a nuisance, and that he received the idea from Harry, who had desired her death not long before her murder.

Are Allie and Cassandra twins in The Society?

Allie’s elder sister is Cassandra. She’s a born leader who, after being inspired by her sister Allie, assumes command of the gang after they’re separated. Cassandra is a popular young lady, but she has a long-standing competitor called Harry.

Who killed Ellie sister in The Society?

Despite his protests during a fake trial, Greg Dewey (Seth Meriwether) finally confesses to killing Cassandra at the conclusion of “Putting on the Clothes.” After one strange discussion with Harry, Dewey became the major suspect in Cassandra’s murder (Alex Fitzalan)

Are they going to bring back The Society?

Netflix announced on J that ‘The Society’ is being renewed. Netflix has yet to confirm an official release date, although Deadline reported on April 2 that the show would return in late 2020. The fanbase was ecstatic, and the new season was eagerly awaited.

Do Helena and Luke get married?

Luke and Helena are boyfriend and girlfriend until later in the show, when he proposes to her and they become engaged to become husband and wife. However, after Luke informs Helena that he wants to run for Mayor of New Ham, the couple has an argument, and Luke is unsure if he still wants to marry Helena. However, in the season finale.

Does Sam tell Grizz he’s not the father?

Sam attempts to reignite their romance in the garden, but Grizz is uninterested, still angry that Sam didn’t tell him about the baby. However, just before Grizz about to embark on his trip to locate farmland, Sam kisses him and tells him he must return to him.

Why was Cassandra killed in The Society?

Why was Cassandra put to death by the Society? Dewey – who, to be honest, didn’t bring much to the show up until this point – kills Cassandra in order to make Harry (Alex Fitzalan) happy.

What does West sham mean?

As the band departs West Ham, a graffiti-strewn sign wrongly refers to the town as “West Sham.” This occurs when the citizens of the town see Hebrew graffiti on the Town Hall, which plays a role in the season finale. “You have been weighed in the scales and found lacking,” it says.

Who is Ray in The Society?

The association was created in 1844, primarily at George Johnston’s urging, and was named after scientist John Ray (1627–1705). It is a registered charity in England and is situated in the Natural History Museum in London.

Why did the kids disappear in The Society?

The Piper is Pfeiffer. For starters, Pfeiffer is a German word that meaning “piper.” The Pied Piper arrives in town when there are no other choices to cope with a rat infestation in the original narrative. He completes the task, but the community refuses to compensate him. He abducts all of the children in retribution, and they are never seen again.


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