Does Ichigo Join The Soul Society?

Shinigami Status might be substituted. Ichigo is not, and has never been, a member of the Gotei 13 or any of Soul Society’s groups. He is classified as a Substitute Shinigami (, Shinigami Daik), a seldom used and little-known classification.

Similarly, What squad does Ichigo join?

Ichigo, you’re Squad 11.” Squad 11 has always been you.” “I’m going to fight you every day,” says the bonus. “You have so many abilities at once, Kurosaki.”

Also, it is asked, What squad is Ichigo captain of?

Squad 11 is where he belongs! Yumichika: In his heart, Ikkaku, he’ll always be Squad 11. Yachiru: Of course! It’ll be like there are TWO Squad 11s now!

Secondly, Does Ichigo become a captain in Soul Society?

tl;dr Ichigo isn’t cut out for the position of captain. After all, after Ichigo dies, he’ll have hundreds of years to gather the necessary expertise. But, in all probability, it will not take place. Xilinoc wrote: I feel compelled to say something about what captains have that Ichigo does not.

Also, Does Ichigo still have Hollow powers?

Because Ichigo was only able to unleash his Shinigami abilities at the start of the series, his quincy, hollow, and fullbring powers remained latent, Ichigo’s og shikai form is the one we see him slicing Yhwach in the finale.

People also ask, Who is the 13th captain Bleach?

Rukia Kuchiki, Captain

Related Questions and Answers

Is Ichigo immortal?

Because of the hollowfied Ichigo residing inside him, Ichigo is able to withstand battle circumstances that almost no other soul reaper could. That stated, it seems that Ichigo has more than one life, but he is not yet immortal.

Does Ichigo get his powers back?

No, if you’re referring to after the Fullbring arc. Ichigo’s abilities are restored to an entirely different Zanpakutou by Squad Zero. It’s revealed that Zangetsu is a “fake” Zanpakutou that looks like Yhwach and is related to Ichigo’s Quincy lineage. I strongly advise you to read the manga.

Does Ichigo become a Hollow?

Summary: Ichigo starts his Shinigami training with Urahara, but he only has 72 hours to unleash his Shinigami abilities or risk becoming a Hollow. He is half-hollow, half-Shinigami when he ultimately emerges from the training.

Did Rukia love Ichigo?

Tite Kubo wrapped up the supernatural shonen series, leaving Ichigo in love with his wife Orihime and Rukia reuniting with her childhood buddy Renji. Did Rukia have feelings for Ichigo? Kurosaki, Ichigo Spouse Orihime Inoue is a Japanese actress (wife) Children Kurosaki, Kazui (son) Relatives Sora Inoue is a Japanese actress (brother-in-law, deceased) 1 more row to go

Can Ichigo use his hollow mask anymore?

The basic fact is that Ichigo does not wear his hollow mask because Kubo either forgot or did not care about it. It’s pointless to speculate if he has it since we’ll very certainly never see it again, and if we do, the question will be answered. The case is now closed.

Does Ichigo get his Bankai back?

Because he requires both of those abilities to accomplish complete shikai and, as a result, bankai, Ichigo’s sword reverted to its original Shikai design after those two abilities were taken.

What episode Ichigo Dies?

Ichigo Dies! is the sixth episode of Season 14 of Bleach.

Is Shinigami immortal Bleach?

While Shinigami aren’t eternal, the prospect of living far longer than humans sounds like a good bargain, particularly given they spend so much of their time with the souls of the dead.

Did Aizen have Bankai?

There is no bankai in Aizen! Fandom. There is no bankai in Aizen! What if he never truly did? His Shikai’s ability was hypnosis, right? What if he never really reached bankai and simply made everyone believe he did?

What is the strongest form of Ichigo?

Ichigo’s Most Powerful Form Visored Bankai, Ichigo. Ichigo’s mask is hollow. Fullbring Bankai, 6.5 Ichigo. Ichigo. The second Bankai of Ichigo. Lorde Vasto. Full Hollow version of Ichigo. 4.5 Dangai, Ichigo. Ichigo. Ichigo. Getsuga Tensho’s last chapter. Shikai to the core.

Is Ichigo’s Hollow a Vasto Lorde?

Ichigo’s complete hollow form is a hollow in the Vasto Lorde Stage, with much more power than the Espada. As a result, it is referred to as the Vasto Lorde form. The onslaught almost killed him, but the emptiness inside him regained control of his body and revived him as Vasto Lorde.

Is the Soul King a Quincy?

He was a Quincy and a Shinigami at the same time, as well as a regular human with limitless talents like a Fullbringer. He was a symbol of optimism who reigned supreme over the chaos of the earth.

When Ichigo knows about his father?

Ichigo’s Zanpaktou in Bankai is broken, and he needs the Zero Division’s aid to restore it. The creator of the Zanpaktou informs him that he must locate his genuine Zanpaktou, but Ichigo is unable to do so because he must understand something about his history that is preventing him from doing so. This is how he discovers the identity of his father.

What power scale is Ichigo?

At the very least, Ichigo is scaled to 5-C for: Tanking Yhwach’s Casual Attacks. Yhwach declares that he has no margin for mistake in the face of Ichigo/Him wielding a Fearsome Bankai.

Is Ichigo a soul king candidate?

It was stated in the book that Ichigo was to be the soul king, but is this real and how? Yes. To explain, when Yhwach murdered the former Soul King, Ichigo’s unusual hybrid nature and great strength made him an ideal choice to succeed him as the Linchpin.

Is Ichigo Bankai weak?

Ichigo Kurosaki — Tensa Zangetsu 1 INCREDIBLY WEAK Ichigo’s initial Bankai was physically appealing in a minimalist way, but its potency paled in compared to some of Soul Society’s top dogs.

Who is Ichigo’s girlfriend?

Orihime Inoue is a Japanese actress. Significant other / Ichigo Kurosaki Orihime Inoue is a fictional character from Tite Kubo’s Bleach manga series and its adaptations. Ichigo Kurosaki considers her to be one of his closest pals. After Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper, she, like many of her comrades, gains spiritual abilities of her own. Wikipedia

How did URYU regain his powers?

His father regained his abilities by pushing Uryu to his physical and mental limits before striking him in the chest 19mm to the right of his heart, nearly in the center, leaving a quincy star scar. Now that Ichigo has used Saigo no Getsuga Tensh, the Final Getsuga Tensho, he has lost his abilities.


Ichigo joins the Soul Society after he has fought a hollow and killed it.

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